In Hammer (the equivalent of our January) of 1373 DR, the world is a chaotic place. Deities are being usurped, countries conquered, ancient magical creatures awakening and laying siege, entire lost cities have recently returned. It’s a time of change, disorder, and to the creative it’s a world of opportunities. One of these is none other than The Sage of Shadowdale, Elminster Aumar. He knows the direction the world is going and that things will only get worse. So he recruits a group known only as the Wayfarers. No one knows that he as ever even spoken to them. They will have little to no contact, but they will assist him with getting things done.

Meanwhile events in the world are spiraling out of anyone’s control to a cataclysmic event. Even the most potent Diviner and deity alike is blind to the future events, but there is one thing they all agree upon. When all is through the world will never be the same.

After the death of the goddess of magic, Mystra, the world began to change. The effects of the Spellplague have completely reshaped the world. The Wayfarer’s guild is doing their best to hold themselves and the world around them together.

With the originator gone (Elminster hasn’t been seen in some time), the founding members gone (they haven’t been seen since their meeting with Mystra), and the world in turmoil they are always playing catch up.

*Other Events in the World

The Wayfarers

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