The Wayfarer's Guild

The Wayfarer’s Guild was started by Elminster. He recruited four adventurers to help him set up a trade guild across Faerun. Although he did not share it with them at first, one of the primary reasons for them existing, was the eventual creation of the City, Rhymanthiin. However as they completed tasks, he saw the need for their existence in the world. A guild that is built around trade and travel, that protects people from evil, but stills allows people freedom to live their own lives, not controlling cities, or kings and queens.

After they established trade agreements with several areas, they gathered the resources to build guild halls in each of them.

Each of the Guildhalls is built using the rules from the Stronghold Builder’s Guidebook.

Guildhall of the Frozen North
Guildhall of Chult
Guildhall of Waterdeep
Guildhall of the Pirate Isles

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The Wayfarer's Guild

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