Guildhall of Waterdeep

The Guildhall of Waterdeep is run by Alruin. He was a natural choice considering he is both a well-versed wizard and powerful cleric. In the City of Splendors where magic and the extraordinary are common place he fits right in.

Originally he had built a church to Midnight within city limits, but with the extra influx of gold he was able to complete his complex. There are three different buildings on the premise now. The University is a large tower built for magical and mundane education. The Guildhall takes up a majority of the grounds. Finally the church flies high above the grounds and is only reachable through dimension door, teleportation, or flight.

Few people actually live on the grounds, with the craftspeople and university students living elsewhere in the city. Also the members of the guild for the area are recruited based off their intelligence and personability. Currently they hire and maintain only a small handful of adventurers to aid them with outside tasks.

The Waterdeep Guildhall is built in a temperate area, in the plains, and it is less than 1 mile from a Metropolis. This all adds up to a 5% increase in the base prices. Alruin bought (2) lyres of building and one is now stored in the University while the other is in the Temple to Midnight. These were used in the construction of the Stronghold which makes the labor free (-30% form the base cost.) Also he is a Mage who is capable of casting Fabricate, Wall of Stone, Move Earth, Levitate, and other spells which further decrease the cost of building.

The Church: Fancy Bedroom, (2) Fancy Chapels, and Fancy Common Area all living wood outside of a reinforced masonry wall. [26,280 gp] – Description: The church normally flies in the air about one hundred feet over the guildhall. The church is raised five feet in above the ground level (so to speak) of the flying structure. This allows the flying fortress to have enough soil to keep the living wood alive and well. The church itself has ceilings that are twenty feet tall. It is eighty feet in length and forty feet in width. On one side of the church is the living quarters of the priests, while the other side has the common area where the teleportation circle is. On the four corners of the church building are four trebuchets, while the top of the common area and the bedroom each have a ballista on the roof.

  • Items: (20) Everburning Torches [900 gp], Decanter of Endless Water [4,500k gp],
  • Others: Flying (Normally hover 100ft. off the ground, but can move at 1MPH or 24 miles per day) [78,000 gp], Fog Veil [6,000 gp], Teleportation Circle (to get back inside the University) [23,350 gp], Masonry Walls are Magically treated (+20 Break DC, Double Hardness and HP) [24k]
  • Weapons: Four Trebuchets. All four are +1 weapons and each has one of the four elements associated with it (acid, fire, electrical, and cold). Space for the ammunition is scarce, so they try to make the best of it by using special ammunition. (10) Loth’s Eggs, (10) Explodestones, (20) Flaming Trebuchet Stones, and (40) Normal Trebuchet Stones. There are also (2) Ballistas that are each +1 Ballistas of Distance. Same goes for the ammunition – (10) Illuminating Bolts, (10) Greenroot Bolts, and (40) Normal Bolts. All the ammunition is kept in a storage area behind the altar.
  • Note: The player originally wanted it to be able to plane shift to an outer plane, however since that plane was subsequently destroyed, I’m not including that ability anymore.

The University: (8) Fancy Office/Studies, (5) Fancy Libraries, (2) Fancy Alchemical Laboratories,(2) Fancy Magical Laboratories, (2) Fancy Auditoriums, and (2) Servant’s Quarters bottom three levels use hewn stone walls with living wood growing in front, while the upper floors use masonry. [48,875 gp] Description: The university is the tallest building in the complex (as long as you don’t count the flying temple.) It stands over sixty feet tall and gradually tapers as it gets taller. The very top of the tower is the archmage’s study while the lower levels have libraries, study rooms, lecture rooms (the auditoriums), and misc, laboraties. The outside even gives a hint at something magical as living wood creeps halfway up the building and gives way to ornate masonry for the top levels.

  • Items: (76) Everburning Torches [3,420 gp]
  • Others: Teleportation Circle (to get into the Church) [23,350 gp]
  • Books: Master book lot of Arcana, Religion, and Local (gives a +4 circumstance modifier for those knowledge checks.) Normal book lot for Dungeoneering, History, Nobility, the Planes, Nature, and Geography (gives a +2 circumstance modifier on those knowledge checks.) [27,000 gp]

The Guildhall: (10) Fancy Workplaces, (4) Fancy Stables, (4) Fancy Storage Areas, (4) Fancy Smithies, (1) Luxury Shop, (4) Servant’s Quarters, (2) Fancy Kitchens, (2) Fancy Dining Halls, (2) Fancy Auditoriums, (2) Fancy Baths, and (4) Fancy Bedrooms. The Smithies, Storage Areas, and the Shop use Hewn Stone, all others use wood. [103,110 gp]

  • Items: Decanter of Endless Water [4,500k gp]

The Perimeter: (6) Guard Posts, (6) Luxury Armories, and (6) Servant’s Quarters. The walls are made from Hewn stone and are ten feet tall. [11,600 gp] DescriptionThe wall is an impressive piece of stonework that encircles the guildhall. At strategic points there are six different towers. Each of the towers has four levels – the bottom level is the servant’s quarters, not made for servant’s but for weary sentries to be able to take a quick nap and get back to duty while never straying far from their post. The second is the armory, the third is the guard post itself, while the top level is wide open and has four arrow slits on each side. The armories a place for the soldiers to store their equipment and are not stocked with anything else. There is only one gate into the complex and it is twenty feet wide. This gate has a portcullis, but is normally open during daytime hours.

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Guildhall of Waterdeep

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