Guildhall of the Frozen North

The Guildhall of the Frozen North is run by Alina. She was chosen because of her hardiness. Her rough life gave her great insight into the people of the Frozen North.

Near the entrance into the Underdark where Mithril Hall is located is a frozen barren land. Unlike some of the other guild halls she had to build a small city, which she christened Westbrook Village, so that everyone has someplace to stay and be safe and warm.

Although she is a barbarian, she always saw herself more as a healer and this gives her the perfect opportunity. The town has a focus on building, nuturing, and caring. Only temples to deities that will tend to others freely are allowed.

Westbrook Village is built in the cold, and mostly underground, it is less than 1 mile from a small town (it is a small town) and is built in a lawless area. This all adds up to a 5% increase in the base prices. Alina also bought four Lyres of Building which are now placed in the Barbicans above the gatehouses. These were used in the construction of the Stronghold which makes the labor free (-30% form the base cost.) Also she has access to a Mage who is capable of casting Fabricate, Wall of Stone, Move Earth, Levitate, and other spells which further decrease the cost of building.

The Outer Wall: The outer wall is a 1,000ft. long wall that encircles the town. It is made from Stone. (4) Barbicans, (8) Fancy Armories, (4) Barracks, and (4) Gatehouses [17,052 gp] Description: This large stone wall encircles the town. The freezing air causes the moisture in the air to stick to the wall, so from a distance it just looks like a snow bank. Each of the four gates has a barbican above it. The entire top of the wall has a catwalk for soldiers and sentries to roam. Every gatehouse has a portcullis which is normally closed. There is a empty moat dug 10ft. deep just outside the wall, so anyone attempting to climb the wall has 20ft. to go. There are sturdy wooden bridges that cross the moat.

  • Items: Each Gatehouse has two armory spaces which form one large armory. Inside is equipment for 20 archers, 20 skirmishes, and 10 light infantry. [8,400 gp] – This is equipment that Alina provides for free to the people of her town. They must return it, and take care of it, but this way whenever they leave town into the frozen north or when monsters attack, they are never unarmed.

Temples: There are currently (3) Temple Complexes. They belong to Sharindlar an Intermediate Dwarven Deity, Ilmater an Intermediate Deity, and Torm a lesser deity. (3) Fancy Common Rooms, (3) Luxury Chapels, (3) Luxury Libraries, (3) Fancy Offices, (3) Fancy Storages, (3) Fancy Bedroom Suites, and (3) Fancy Bedrooms. The Common Room are built with Hewn Stone, meanwhile the underground complexes all have stone walls. [52,540k gp] Description: Each chapel is laid out in a similar fashion. Above ground there is only a small building with a single dorr entering into the common area which is heated by a fireplace and has acts as a place for travelers to get out of the cold. There are stairs that lead down in the Chapel. From the chapel the faithful have access to the libraries and the priests offices. The office connects to the storage areas and the bedrooms. Finally in the back of the bedroom suite there is a secret door that leads to the healing chamber.

  • Items: (72) Everburning Torches [3,600 gp], (1) Platform of Heal (this platform is in a room that connects to all three offices for the temples.) [30k gp]
  • Books: Every temple as a standard collection of religion books (2 circumstance modifier to knowledge religion checks.) In addition Sharindlar (The Lady of Life and Mercy) has a basic set of books covering a wide area of knowledge (1 circumstance bonus to all knowledge checks.) Ilmater has a basic book collection on Nature and Dungeoneering (2 circumstance bonus on these knowledge checks.) Torm also has a basic book collection on Nobility and the Planes (2 circumstance bonus on these knowledge checks.) – sorry I took out the plus signs, because it the web format was reading it as the sign to underline the text instead.
  • Others: (3) Chambers of Comfort [22.5k gp] this encompasses the Chapels of the three temples.

Basic Housing Housing: (8) Basic Common Areas, (160) Basic Bedrooms, (40) Basic Kitchens, (20) Basic Dining Halls, and (20) Basic Baths. The Common Areas has Masonry Walls, while everything else is underground and has Hewn Stone Walls. [172,900k] Description: The housing area is more like a giant housing unit than separate homes. Unfortunately when you’re dealing with the freezing cold and building underground, smaller living quarters are actually better. There are eight common areas through which to enter the housing area which have been affectionately named for their flaws. These were the first building built in the town and the craftsman had to work in the freezing cold for days on end. So they are less than perfect. The eight buildings are, cracked, askew, leaning, too short, freezing, black rock, hodge podge, and old sturdy. These buildings lead down a set of stairs to long hallways where the baths, kitchens, dining halls, and bedrooms branch off from. They are interlink through a network of hallways and you can get to any household from any of the eight common areas.

High End Housing: (4) Fancy Common Areas, (20) Fancy Bedroom Suites, (5) Fancy Kitchens, (2) Fancy Dining Halls, (5) Fancy Baths, and (5) Servants Quarters. The Common Areas have masonry walls, while everything else in underground and has Hewn Stone Walls. [103,094 gp] Description: The high end housing has ornately decorated common areas, unlike the little problems with the basic housing areas common areas, there are no such imperfections here. The craftsman had a place to keep warm already and thus these buildings are much better. They lead down into the plush living area of the wealthy. It is still build in a communal fashion, but the quarters are much nicer.

Basic Crafting Complexes: (5) Basic Shops, (10) Basic Storage Spaces, (10) Basic Workshops, and (5) Basic Smithies. The basic shops have Masonry Walls, while the Workshops and Smithies are underground and have Hewn Stone Walls. [14,630k gp] Description: There are five rather unassuming shops, with signs that are normally so covered in snow and frost that you have to be ten feet away before you can even make out the shop. The five shops are – The Anvil, Bert’s Fabrics, BOOKS, Harvey’s store, and Hunter’s Emplorium. There are stairs in the corner of the shops behind the counter that lead down to the lower levels where the workshops, storage, and smithies are.

  • Items: (60) Everburning Torches [3,000 gp]

Advanced Crafting Complexes: (4) Fancy Shops, (4) Fancy Workshops, (4) Fancy Smithies, (4) Fancy Alchemical Laboratories, and (4) Fancy Magical Laboratories. The shops have Masonry Walls, while everything else is underground and has Hewn Stone Walls. [27,664 gp] Description: Very similar to the basic crafting complex, but just a little more plush. The shops are – Exquisite Novelties, Elewith’s Jewelry, Grimworth’s Hammer, and Hubbard’s House of Wonderment.

  • Items: (64) Everburning Torches [3,200 gp]

Guildhall: (2) Basic Stables, (1) Fancy Common Area, (1) Fancy Dining Hall, (1) Fancy Kitchen, (3) Fancy Libraries, (3) Fancy Bedroom Suites, (3) Fancy Offices, (1) Fancy Bath, (1) Fancy Throne Room, and (2) Servant’s Quarters. This entire building is above ground in fact it is the only building in the town that has more than one floor above ground and made from Hewn Stone. [33,960 gp] Description: As previously mentioned this majestic structure stands out because of it’s towering height of 22ft tall. That’s right it’s a whole two stories. When most building where built underground to help insulate them from the cold better, this entire building was built above ground. Think stone walls, combined with potent magic, a fireplace in every room actually normally keep this building a comfy temperature. Even the stables are somewhat hospitable. While the craftsmanship is expert even here it is apparent that form over function held true.

  • Items: (40) Everburning Torches [2,000 gp]
  • Books: Comprehensive library of Arcana (6 circumstance bonus to Knowledge Arcana Checks.) and standard collections of Geography, Nature, and Religion (2 circumstance bonus on these knowledge checks.)

Adventurer’s Hall: (2) Basic Stables, (2) Basic Common Area, (1) Basic Dining Hall, (1) Basic Kitchen, (6) Basic Bedroom Suites, (6) Fancy Bedroom Suites, (2) Servant Quarters, and (2) Basic Baths. This entire building is above ground and it made from Hewn Stone. [24,946 gp] Description: This is basically a smaller version of the guildhall. It is only a single floor and the highest point is a raised ceiling in the large common area, which is only 12 feet tall. Normally this Hall houses two teams of adventurers, a more experienced group and a less experienced group.

R&R Sector: (4) Basic Common Areas, (8) Basic Taverns, (4) Fancy Auditoriums, (4) Servant’s Quarters. The Common areas have Masonry for walls, while everything else is underground and has Hewn Stone. [11,556 gp] Description: Like almost all the building in this town, the Common area is the only building above ground. It has coat hooks and a fireplace and cubbies to store misc. property in. Below is where most of the action takes place for the town, with 4 different taverns, and two large halls (auditoriums). The taverns are – The Lucky Wench, the Not so Lucky Wench, Drown yer Sorrows, and ALE!

  • Items: (56) Everburning Torches [2,800 gp]


  • The prices above are already modified to include, the regional modifiers and the fact that her brother can cast most of the spells that will aid in the building of the town.
  • Alina wanted to get away from the whole warrior thing, however the Frozen North is a dangerous place, so attracting people who are capable of protecting the town and were capable of surviving the harsh environment were necessary. From the guild coffers, she offers a bounty on the deadly creatures of the area.
  • These prices are reduced because Aline has a Mattock of the Titans and four Lyres of Building. Each one of the Lyres is stores in one of the gatehouses, to aid in case of a siege.

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Guildhall of the Frozen North

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