The Wayfarers

New Kids on the Ice Block

The founding members have not been heard from and to make matters worse, for the poor budding town of Westbrook, their senior adventuring party has gone missing. The town is small and composed of mostly craftsmen, guards, shopkeepers, and servants. So there was only one other group to turn to and that was the young and inexperienced adventurers who had just recently started working together.

To keep the young town alive they have two goals to accomplish. They must find the senior adventuring party and blaze a trail for the dwarven caravans from Mithril hall. With all the changes in the world, the old paths are unusable.

In their journey so far they have encountered starving wolves who tried to kill them, eviscerated wolves, a sleeping bear, tracks from one whom they presume to be a ranger, a giant ice wall, and a gauntlet that glows with an eerie blue flame. however their job is just beginning.

Death of a Goddess

After the Wayfarers had been away for about a year, building their guildhalls and getting their separate chapters started, Elminster once again met with them. He let them know the Mystra the Goddess of magic wanted to speak with them.

The were allowed entrance into her divine realm where she greeted them with open arms. She thanked them for all their hard work especially with restoring the great city of Rhymanthiin. This meeting however was cut short. As a black blade being wielded by the god Cyric pierced her chest. She was than enveloped in blue flame and consumed.

The plane exploded and different plane shards flew off into the depths of space. A chunk about 4 square miles that the Wayfarers were standing on remained intact and they are now unable to return home, because any normal plane shift type spell doesn’t work on this plane shard. (The reasoning is that planeshift and similar spells actually have a range, even when you can reach the outer planes, you’re travelling a certain amount of distance across the planes. Currently this shard is so far from any planes, that it simply cannot be reached.)

Elminster was able to flee just before the death of the Goddess. As the characters floated away into space they saw Cyric and Shar standing over the blue flamed burning corpse of Mystra.

Note: For those of you who might have read the books, yes, I’m working the timeline quite a bit differently. Although these events happen in Faerun, Mystra doesn’t normally die for several more years. However this works out best for the campaign so there.

Building the Guild

After the Wayfarers were each put in charge of their separate guildhall, they were given time and money to go build it up. Each of the four members varied on how they wanted to go about building it. Alruin wanted a flying temple as a sign of the power of his god and his devotion towards her. Meanwhile Alina had to pretty much build a city from scratch in the frozen north, so her focus was on comfort and protection of her people. Morgana built an entire section onto a town, making a larger more prosperous town. And Jack already had a town with a palace, so all he had to do was build a guildhall, set up defenses and get a flagship.

Normally the process of building a guildhall, town, large walls, etc. is a long arduous process. Luckily they had enough gold and ready access to greater teleport spells to buy many lyres of building. In addition all four founding members was either a potent spellcaster themselves or had one as a follower. Alina might be a barbarian but her brother is a powerful mage, and Jack might be a Pirate, but his follower is a shifty druid.

It still took lots of time (both in the calendar year and in personal investment from the founding members).

If you want to read more about the individual guildhalls you can read about them in the wiki under the tab – The Wayfarer’s Guild.

Building Rhymanthiin

As the old saying goes Rhymanthiin wasn’t built in a day. Instead it was built over six months using powerful high magic. There were dozens of powerful mages needed to build the city using this magic, and the results of them being interrupted would be disastrous. So a protective force was gathered to keep the forces of evil from interrupting them.

Halaster brought monsters, the Simbul brought witches and soldiers, Alustriel brought royal guardsmen and guild mages, Khelben brought harpers, Elminster brought a ragtag group as unique as the Sage himself. Including Dwarves from Mithril Hall; Lizardfolk, an Ettin, a Goblin, an orc, a half-orc, and a bugbear from Chult, High wizards from Waterdeep, and the Head of the Wayfarers guild.

While inside the ritual circle, many of the world’s most powerful mages summoned magic beyond what most people have ever dreamed of, outside a war raged between the guardians and the forces of evil. Demons, Devils, Red Wizards, Phaerim, Shades, Dragons, Undead, Orcs, and Goblins all attacked. Sometimes by themselves, sometimes as a group.

In the end the forces of good were victorious. However quite a few of their number died, some of them twice. Luckily with the proper spells and will, quite a few of them came back. Some did not return though. Either their souls were trapped and thus they were unable to, or they were unwilling to because they were happy in the afterlife.

Alustriel’s forces were hit the hardest and received the highest number of casualties, while most of the Wayfarer’s dead consisted of Crazy Eddy’s dinosaurs.

After the ritual was complete Rhymanthiin stood a monument to magic and good, with black walls and towering buildings it was truly a sight to behold.

The sharn were vital to this success. The city was built upon the ruins of their old city. In addition the ritual allowed them to revert to their old form. For a great many of them though this form was that of a dark elf. Although they were around before Corellon Larethian’s curse, when they resumed their form, they would still suffer from the curse that the dark elves bear. So they instead chose to remain in their sharn form and protect Rhymanthiin.

After battlefields were cleared Elminster met with the Wayfarers and asked that they get their guild halls for the different chapters up and running. He entrusted each one of the founding four Wayfarers with one of the chapters. Allina the Bararian was to set up the chapter house in the Frozen North, Jack the Pirate was to set up in the Pirate Isles (kinda a no brainer), Morgana the wise was to set up in the Chultan Peninsula, and Aldruin the pwoerful was to head up the chapter in Waterdeep.—

The Pirate Islands

The Wayfarers finally got around to what Jack the pirate had been hoping for all along. One of the other tasks that Elminster had asked for their help in was freeing up trade in the Pirate Islands. One of the greatest things about Toril is that there is a huge lake in the middle of the main continent. However the pirate islands have long made trade a very harsh prospect with large security forces needed on ships or “protection” fees needing to be paid.

There were many different ways to go about this, but they decided to take the direct approach. To simply take control. While an assault of this caliber is normally well below the ability of any but the world’s most powerful they had an ace in the hole. Long ago they had come into possession of a bracelet of friendship with only one bead. It was attuned to the Simbul.

When people think of Toril’s most powerful mortal Elminster, Khelban Blackstaff, Halaster, and others come to mind. What they forget is the Simbul’s immense magical prowess combined with a little crazy (okay maybe a lot of crazy) make her one of the most feared people in he world.

Not only did they have a bracelet with which to summon her, but it came directly from Elminster with the orders to only use it if they had to. Well because they had taken too long in some of their other tasks, the window for them completing this task was quickly closing before they had to go elsewhere. So in order to accomplish their goals they decided the time was right to use the bracelet.

Combined with the might of their group and the ragin stormwind of magic known as the Simbul, they simply walked in and killed the Pirate king and his most powerful crew members.

Between having the Simbul come to their aid, having multiple dragons in their group, a werewolf pirate, and killing the old boss, it did not take much to convince the members of the island that the Wayfarers wee now in charge.

However the old Pirate King provided security to his ships. In order to do this the Wayfarers are doing something similar. They have a very odd drow, a shadow dragon, a kobold druid, and finally Jack the new pirate king who will come to the aid of the pirates in trouble. There are more targets that are off limits for the pirates now, but since the devastating destruction of the old regime none of them have thought to question this yet…..

In addition to now having command of the flagship of the old Pirate King. Jack used his money to buy a Galleon. So now the Wayfarers fleet consists of (1) Caravel, (2) Longboats, (1) Hospital Barge, and (2) Galleons.

The Chultan Peninsula

Next in line was the vicious wilds of Chult. What is arguably the most untamed area of Toril. Chief among their quests here was a powerful lizardfolk shaman who was needed by Elminster. Unfortunately because of an on going power struggle between local tribes, he was forced to stay put and protect his people.

However there were other side jobs to be done as well, including a shadowbeast who had re-emerged near a shrine to an ancient warrior and a group of necromancers who were patrolling the coast around Chult.

The first thing the Wayfarers did was attempt to take down the necromancers. They did have some measure of success, killing a few vampires, and a pair of bone nagas. Unfortunately they were a little to obvious and the bulk of the necromatic hordes left before they were able to destroy them.

They decided to combine the next two tasks into one. The shadowbeast and the shrine he was blocking access to were a common history shared by the barbaric tribes in the area. So the plan was a simple one that needed finesse to accomplish. If the tribes worked together to reclaim the shrine and they had a common link, at least in the short term they would get along. Allowing for the shaman to leave and aid Elminster.

So they went about convincing the tribes of the great threat posed by this creature and how it was necessary to destroy it. The elders agreed one by one and each sent a champion to aid the Wayfarers. When they went to do battle with it, they were shocked to find a pair of large nightmares along with a Nightstalker. The thirteen champions fought alongside the Wayfarers and their numbers shrunk before returning to their village. The tribes had fought along side each other, spilled blood together, and had their blood spilled together. They agreed to settle their differences in light of the great victory won, in honor of the fallen and the victorious.

Along with the loot from their different victories, the Wayfarers also managed to capture a pair of longboats from the necromancers. Simon the Wizard who had taken a vow of poverty used his share of the loot to commission a hospital ship. Since Jack the Pirate has the expertise in sailing, navigating, and the business of running a ship, Simon left the running of the boat in the hands of Jack (so long as the boat only is used for aid missions). So all in all the Wayfarers naval fleet consists of (1) Caravel, (2) Longboats, and (1) Hospital Barge.

The Frozen North

The first group of tasks that the guild looked into was all in the Frozen North. There were a number of quests to accomplish. The powerful and mysterious scourge of the Phaerim has returned. Possibly to unleash powerful magics in an attempt to destroy the world all over again, or possibly just a few random monsters roaming the waste lands. The wayfarers were no match for these powerful creatures, so this was purely a scouting mission.

There was also a matter of assisting the dwarves of Mithril Hall and their King, Bruenor Battlehammer with a nearby Drow city. Since the Dwarves did not have the means to go to war with the drow, King Battlehammer just wished that a treaty be made and an outside force was the best bet.

Also scourging the Frozen North were frost worms. These hideous creatures were destroying caravans, settlers, and even small contingents of troops with reckless abandon.

Finally there was the matter of the city of shade and their purpose for returning.

The first task the guild undertook was the Dwarves and the Drow. They successfully brokered the treaty, but the biggest success was a group of dragon eggs, that would have been handed over to the Drow if the group had not had the foresight to write the treaty correctly. In the end the guild wound up having trade agreements with both the Dwarves and the Drow.

The frost worms were merely overlooked. By purchasing wands of fireball, and better weapons and armor for their caravan guards, they hope to avoid having to worry about them for sometime. That any frost worm looking to devour a few dozen people in a caravan would quickly rething their actions when they got hit by a pair of fireballs.

The city of shade and the phaerim were both taken care of by gaining access to the city of shade and talking to some of the more friendly shades there. The most important bit of information was that the phaerim had indeed returned in force.

After all this, they returned back to the main guild base in Waterdeep to rest a little, resupply, and set back out on their next set of missions.

Starting the Guild

When the new recruits returned from their first successful mission*, they found some new changes. Elminster Aumar had the once deserted hall worked on day and night by dwarven, gnomish, and human craftsman. Turning the once desolate and ramshackle building into a headquarters worthy of guild of their future stature.

One of the things that he left for the group was a list of these that needs to be done. A chore list if you will.

After perusing the list the guildlings decided that looking into the problems in the frozen north would be the best starting place for them. Since they were in Waterdeep, it wasn’t too far off, and it seemed that they were missions that they could accomplish fairly quickly.

The Creation of a Guild

During the Time of Troubles, the world of Faerun is undergoing major changes all around it. Although none know the exact extent of what is happening, the world’s most powerful spellcasters all know that something big is on the horizon. The chosen of Mystra of constantly striving to perfect their craft.

Elminster Aumar is one of these. In addition to his quest to perfect his knowledge of magic, is his constant quest against evil. He has foiled just about every major evil force in the world. Even his immense power has it’s limitations though, and the City of Shade is currently flying above the frozen north, the evil god Bane has returned, and these are just the new revelations.

There is just too much for one man, so he took a page from Khelben “Blackstaff” Arunsun and created a guild to assist him with his goals. Elminster is going to be mostly hands off, just giving them enough guidance to help with his end goals. All the while he will keep the guild out of the loop, so they cannot betray his end goal to his opponents.

The original group that he recruited consists of four members, whom he is grooming to leading the guild chapters in different areas of the world.

Their first task that he has given them is to retrieve an artifact for him. It is guarded by the Red Dragon, Ellryx in Thay.


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