The Wayfarers

The Frozen North

The first group of tasks that the guild looked into was all in the Frozen North. There were a number of quests to accomplish. The powerful and mysterious scourge of the Phaerim has returned. Possibly to unleash powerful magics in an attempt to destroy the world all over again, or possibly just a few random monsters roaming the waste lands. The wayfarers were no match for these powerful creatures, so this was purely a scouting mission.

There was also a matter of assisting the dwarves of Mithril Hall and their King, Bruenor Battlehammer with a nearby Drow city. Since the Dwarves did not have the means to go to war with the drow, King Battlehammer just wished that a treaty be made and an outside force was the best bet.

Also scourging the Frozen North were frost worms. These hideous creatures were destroying caravans, settlers, and even small contingents of troops with reckless abandon.

Finally there was the matter of the city of shade and their purpose for returning.

The first task the guild undertook was the Dwarves and the Drow. They successfully brokered the treaty, but the biggest success was a group of dragon eggs, that would have been handed over to the Drow if the group had not had the foresight to write the treaty correctly. In the end the guild wound up having trade agreements with both the Dwarves and the Drow.

The frost worms were merely overlooked. By purchasing wands of fireball, and better weapons and armor for their caravan guards, they hope to avoid having to worry about them for sometime. That any frost worm looking to devour a few dozen people in a caravan would quickly rething their actions when they got hit by a pair of fireballs.

The city of shade and the phaerim were both taken care of by gaining access to the city of shade and talking to some of the more friendly shades there. The most important bit of information was that the phaerim had indeed returned in force.

After all this, they returned back to the main guild base in Waterdeep to rest a little, resupply, and set back out on their next set of missions.

Starting the Guild

When the new recruits returned from their first successful mission*, they found some new changes. Elminster Aumar had the once deserted hall worked on day and night by dwarven, gnomish, and human craftsman. Turning the once desolate and ramshackle building into a headquarters worthy of guild of their future stature.

One of the things that he left for the group was a list of these that needs to be done. A chore list if you will.

After perusing the list the guildlings decided that looking into the problems in the frozen north would be the best starting place for them. Since they were in Waterdeep, it wasn’t too far off, and it seemed that they were missions that they could accomplish fairly quickly.

The Creation of a Guild

During the Time of Troubles, the world of Faerun is undergoing major changes all around it. Although none know the exact extent of what is happening, the world’s most powerful spellcasters all know that something big is on the horizon. The chosen of Mystra of constantly striving to perfect their craft.

Elminster Aumar is one of these. In addition to his quest to perfect his knowledge of magic, is his constant quest against evil. He has foiled just about every major evil force in the world. Even his immense power has it’s limitations though, and the City of Shade is currently flying above the frozen north, the evil god Bane has returned, and these are just the new revelations.

There is just too much for one man, so he took a page from Khelben “Blackstaff” Arunsun and created a guild to assist him with his goals. Elminster is going to be mostly hands off, just giving them enough guidance to help with his end goals. All the while he will keep the guild out of the loop, so they cannot betray his end goal to his opponents.

The original group that he recruited consists of four members, whom he is grooming to leading the guild chapters in different areas of the world.

Their first task that he has given them is to retrieve an artifact for him. It is guarded by the Red Dragon, Ellryx in Thay.


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