Paitor Battlehammer

Head of crafters in Westbrook Village


Paitor is a proper dwarf. He is proper dwarf eight and weight with his hair the proper shade of brown and his bead fully grown and braided halfway down his chest. His shoulders are just broad enough and there just seems to be no other way to physically describe him other than he looks like a dwarf.

He wears his leather apron just about everywhere and has a bag of holding tied to his waist at all times. He keeps his hammer slung low on his hip and n battleaxe across his back. He loves gold , but not gems, as is evident by his six large gold rings and the gold rings in his beard.


Paitor is second cousin to Bruenor Battlehammer. He is an exceptional craftsman and has over 60 years practicing his craft.

You can always know when you’re entering Paitor’s forge, because everything is of proper height for a dwarf, but the forge smells of a mixture or fire, steel, and a flowery smelling tabacco that is normally only common among wealthy humans.

Paitor Battlehammer

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