The Wayfarers

The Pirate Islands

The Wayfarers finally got around to what Jack the pirate had been hoping for all along. One of the other tasks that Elminster had asked for their help in was freeing up trade in the Pirate Islands. One of the greatest things about Toril is that there is a huge lake in the middle of the main continent. However the pirate islands have long made trade a very harsh prospect with large security forces needed on ships or “protection” fees needing to be paid.

There were many different ways to go about this, but they decided to take the direct approach. To simply take control. While an assault of this caliber is normally well below the ability of any but the world’s most powerful they had an ace in the hole. Long ago they had come into possession of a bracelet of friendship with only one bead. It was attuned to the Simbul.

When people think of Toril’s most powerful mortal Elminster, Khelban Blackstaff, Halaster, and others come to mind. What they forget is the Simbul’s immense magical prowess combined with a little crazy (okay maybe a lot of crazy) make her one of the most feared people in he world.

Not only did they have a bracelet with which to summon her, but it came directly from Elminster with the orders to only use it if they had to. Well because they had taken too long in some of their other tasks, the window for them completing this task was quickly closing before they had to go elsewhere. So in order to accomplish their goals they decided the time was right to use the bracelet.

Combined with the might of their group and the ragin stormwind of magic known as the Simbul, they simply walked in and killed the Pirate king and his most powerful crew members.

Between having the Simbul come to their aid, having multiple dragons in their group, a werewolf pirate, and killing the old boss, it did not take much to convince the members of the island that the Wayfarers wee now in charge.

However the old Pirate King provided security to his ships. In order to do this the Wayfarers are doing something similar. They have a very odd drow, a shadow dragon, a kobold druid, and finally Jack the new pirate king who will come to the aid of the pirates in trouble. There are more targets that are off limits for the pirates now, but since the devastating destruction of the old regime none of them have thought to question this yet…..

In addition to now having command of the flagship of the old Pirate King. Jack used his money to buy a Galleon. So now the Wayfarers fleet consists of (1) Caravel, (2) Longboats, (1) Hospital Barge, and (2) Galleons.



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