The Wayfarers

The Open Seas

After the Pirate Isles were liberated by the Wayfarer’s Guild, the pirates were driven out. Or at least the brutal kind of loot, pillage, rape, and murder type pirates were. The rest were given places among the new navy of the Guildhall of the Pirate Isles. The most experienced of these crews were given a special place in the guild. A few of the more experienced pirates that no longer had crews were grouped into a team of explorers.

Unfortunately for those who would brave the open seas, the spell-plague has made sea travel far more treacherous than it was before. One of the new hazards was an entire island. So our new team of explorers were sent to investigate.

The island had just appeared in the middle of the sea, and no one had been able to explore the island and return.

Right away upon landing it became readily apparent that something was wrong with the island, with tiny monsters chasing them up a mountain they encountered an odd dwarf, angels, and demons.

They saw the demons going towards the dwarf and they rushed to help him. They were overwhelmed and killed though. When they awoke the next morning, it was very apparent that something was not as it should be. In the area where the dwarf was a powerful artifact known as the Artblade was resting on the ground.



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