The Wayfarers

The Chultan Peninsula

Next in line was the vicious wilds of Chult. What is arguably the most untamed area of Toril. Chief among their quests here was a powerful lizardfolk shaman who was needed by Elminster. Unfortunately because of an on going power struggle between local tribes, he was forced to stay put and protect his people.

However there were other side jobs to be done as well, including a shadowbeast who had re-emerged near a shrine to an ancient warrior and a group of necromancers who were patrolling the coast around Chult.

The first thing the Wayfarers did was attempt to take down the necromancers. They did have some measure of success, killing a few vampires, and a pair of bone nagas. Unfortunately they were a little to obvious and the bulk of the necromatic hordes left before they were able to destroy them.

They decided to combine the next two tasks into one. The shadowbeast and the shrine he was blocking access to were a common history shared by the barbaric tribes in the area. So the plan was a simple one that needed finesse to accomplish. If the tribes worked together to reclaim the shrine and they had a common link, at least in the short term they would get along. Allowing for the shaman to leave and aid Elminster.

So they went about convincing the tribes of the great threat posed by this creature and how it was necessary to destroy it. The elders agreed one by one and each sent a champion to aid the Wayfarers. When they went to do battle with it, they were shocked to find a pair of large nightmares along with a Nightstalker. The thirteen champions fought alongside the Wayfarers and their numbers shrunk before returning to their village. The tribes had fought along side each other, spilled blood together, and had their blood spilled together. They agreed to settle their differences in light of the great victory won, in honor of the fallen and the victorious.

Along with the loot from their different victories, the Wayfarers also managed to capture a pair of longboats from the necromancers. Simon the Wizard who had taken a vow of poverty used his share of the loot to commission a hospital ship. Since Jack the Pirate has the expertise in sailing, navigating, and the business of running a ship, Simon left the running of the boat in the hands of Jack (so long as the boat only is used for aid missions). So all in all the Wayfarers naval fleet consists of (1) Caravel, (2) Longboats, and (1) Hospital Barge.



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