The Wayfarers

New Kids on the Ice Block

The founding members have not been heard from and to make matters worse, for the poor budding town of Westbrook, their senior adventuring party has gone missing. The town is small and composed of mostly craftsmen, guards, shopkeepers, and servants. So there was only one other group to turn to and that was the young and inexperienced adventurers who had just recently started working together.

To keep the young town alive they have two goals to accomplish. They must find the senior adventuring party and blaze a trail for the dwarven caravans from Mithril hall. With all the changes in the world, the old paths are unusable.

In their journey so far they have encountered starving wolves who tried to kill them, eviscerated wolves, a sleeping bear, tracks from one whom they presume to be a ranger, a giant ice wall, and a gauntlet that glows with an eerie blue flame. however their job is just beginning.



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