The Wayfarers

Destruction of a Town

Hammerheim. Was once a thriving dwarven mining town. They had a wonderful marble quarry that they were under contract with the wayfarers for. They were paid handsomely for their product and this allowed them to craft wonderful things of metal and stone in their off time. However one day the shipments stopped, there was no communication, the town had simply cut itself off from the outside world.

The young upstarts went to investigate and found that a group of goblins had overrun the town. They gathered a group of mercenaries from the dragonborn and bought a catapult, then went to the right the wrongs down by these evil imps.

The goblins taunted them by throwing over the helmets of the fallen dwarves, laughing at the mayhem they had caused. This would be returned in kind as the siege went forward. The adventurers would pick off one goblin here, three there taunting them the whole time with things so horrific I dare not write them. Eventually the defenses were weak enough that they tried a frontal assault. Only to have the leader of the Goblin show himself, he was this weird demonic creature who looked to be half bat half demon, and the adventurers were forced to retreat.

After regrouping the characters once again assaulted the town this time with everything they had and managed to overrun the town. Although many goblins were killed throughout this siege, the demon managed to get away.

After they cleared out the town, the adventurers were left with a vacant town with many fine tools throughout it, also they had a group of “dragon dwarves” who were living in a town built for a milder climate, so they offered to let the dragonborn move into the town as long as they paid them for the tools.

When they left to journey back to the Guildhall of the Frozen North, they had only one dragonborn still with them, Wern a Ranger.



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