The Wayfarers

Building the Guild

After the Wayfarers were each put in charge of their separate guildhall, they were given time and money to go build it up. Each of the four members varied on how they wanted to go about building it. Alruin wanted a flying temple as a sign of the power of his god and his devotion towards her. Meanwhile Alina had to pretty much build a city from scratch in the frozen north, so her focus was on comfort and protection of her people. Morgana built an entire section onto a town, making a larger more prosperous town. And Jack already had a town with a palace, so all he had to do was build a guildhall, set up defenses and get a flagship.

Normally the process of building a guildhall, town, large walls, etc. is a long arduous process. Luckily they had enough gold and ready access to greater teleport spells to buy many lyres of building. In addition all four founding members was either a potent spellcaster themselves or had one as a follower. Alina might be a barbarian but her brother is a powerful mage, and Jack might be a Pirate, but his follower is a shifty druid.

It still took lots of time (both in the calendar year and in personal investment from the founding members).

If you want to read more about the individual guildhalls you can read about them in the wiki under the tab – The Wayfarer’s Guild.



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