The Wayfarers

Building Rhymanthiin

As the old saying goes Rhymanthiin wasn’t built in a day. Instead it was built over six months using powerful high magic. There were dozens of powerful mages needed to build the city using this magic, and the results of them being interrupted would be disastrous. So a protective force was gathered to keep the forces of evil from interrupting them.

Halaster brought monsters, the Simbul brought witches and soldiers, Alustriel brought royal guardsmen and guild mages, Khelben brought harpers, Elminster brought a ragtag group as unique as the Sage himself. Including Dwarves from Mithril Hall; Lizardfolk, an Ettin, a Goblin, an orc, a half-orc, and a bugbear from Chult, High wizards from Waterdeep, and the Head of the Wayfarers guild.

While inside the ritual circle, many of the world’s most powerful mages summoned magic beyond what most people have ever dreamed of, outside a war raged between the guardians and the forces of evil. Demons, Devils, Red Wizards, Phaerim, Shades, Dragons, Undead, Orcs, and Goblins all attacked. Sometimes by themselves, sometimes as a group.

In the end the forces of good were victorious. However quite a few of their number died, some of them twice. Luckily with the proper spells and will, quite a few of them came back. Some did not return though. Either their souls were trapped and thus they were unable to, or they were unwilling to because they were happy in the afterlife.

Alustriel’s forces were hit the hardest and received the highest number of casualties, while most of the Wayfarer’s dead consisted of Crazy Eddy’s dinosaurs.

After the ritual was complete Rhymanthiin stood a monument to magic and good, with black walls and towering buildings it was truly a sight to behold.

The sharn were vital to this success. The city was built upon the ruins of their old city. In addition the ritual allowed them to revert to their old form. For a great many of them though this form was that of a dark elf. Although they were around before Corellon Larethian’s curse, when they resumed their form, they would still suffer from the curse that the dark elves bear. So they instead chose to remain in their sharn form and protect Rhymanthiin.

After battlefields were cleared Elminster met with the Wayfarers and asked that they get their guild halls for the different chapters up and running. He entrusted each one of the founding four Wayfarers with one of the chapters. Allina the Bararian was to set up the chapter house in the Frozen North, Jack the Pirate was to set up in the Pirate Isles (kinda a no brainer), Morgana the wise was to set up in the Chultan Peninsula, and Aldruin the pwoerful was to head up the chapter in Waterdeep.—



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