The Wayfarers


The next plane offered a far different challenge than before. There was another temple with statues to the same unknown gods, and inside there was a statue of Mystra, however this time instead of a demon in disguise they were greeted by a large elaborate maze with traps gallore. There were puzzles to be solved and secrets to be found.

All in all only one person died, unfortunately this time he didn’t come back and the group had to use one of their newly acquired scrolls of Raise Dead.

They uncovered to new tomes that fit in with the other tome from the first temple. They also located a spell book and an entire room of scrolls.

They than returned to Ysgard where they sold some of the scrolls to outfit their team.


After a short trek the group of explorers found a group of angels who were able to answer quite a few of their questions. They found they were on the plane of Ysgard and what was worse is they were in an alternate reality where the prime material plane was called Abier.

Since they had no where else to go, they just started to explore. Soon they found something very peculiar, a temple with statues of unknown gods, but inside it was a temple to Mystra.

After solving a number of puzzles and dealing with a demon in disguise, they found a very interesting tome.

They had to figure out where to go to next. In an unknown world, with no allies, and little in the way of power they had to pick the most friendly of places. They decided upon Celestia.

The Open Seas

After the Pirate Isles were liberated by the Wayfarer’s Guild, the pirates were driven out. Or at least the brutal kind of loot, pillage, rape, and murder type pirates were. The rest were given places among the new navy of the Guildhall of the Pirate Isles. The most experienced of these crews were given a special place in the guild. A few of the more experienced pirates that no longer had crews were grouped into a team of explorers.

Unfortunately for those who would brave the open seas, the spell-plague has made sea travel far more treacherous than it was before. One of the new hazards was an entire island. So our new team of explorers were sent to investigate.

The island had just appeared in the middle of the sea, and no one had been able to explore the island and return.

Right away upon landing it became readily apparent that something was wrong with the island, with tiny monsters chasing them up a mountain they encountered an odd dwarf, angels, and demons.

They saw the demons going towards the dwarf and they rushed to help him. They were overwhelmed and killed though. When they awoke the next morning, it was very apparent that something was not as it should be. In the area where the dwarf was a powerful artifact known as the Artblade was resting on the ground.

Destruction of a Town

Hammerheim. Was once a thriving dwarven mining town. They had a wonderful marble quarry that they were under contract with the wayfarers for. They were paid handsomely for their product and this allowed them to craft wonderful things of metal and stone in their off time. However one day the shipments stopped, there was no communication, the town had simply cut itself off from the outside world.

The young upstarts went to investigate and found that a group of goblins had overrun the town. They gathered a group of mercenaries from the dragonborn and bought a catapult, then went to the right the wrongs down by these evil imps.

The goblins taunted them by throwing over the helmets of the fallen dwarves, laughing at the mayhem they had caused. This would be returned in kind as the siege went forward. The adventurers would pick off one goblin here, three there taunting them the whole time with things so horrific I dare not write them. Eventually the defenses were weak enough that they tried a frontal assault. Only to have the leader of the Goblin show himself, he was this weird demonic creature who looked to be half bat half demon, and the adventurers were forced to retreat.

After regrouping the characters once again assaulted the town this time with everything they had and managed to overrun the town. Although many goblins were killed throughout this siege, the demon managed to get away.

After they cleared out the town, the adventurers were left with a vacant town with many fine tools throughout it, also they had a group of “dragon dwarves” who were living in a town built for a milder climate, so they offered to let the dragonborn move into the town as long as they paid them for the tools.

When they left to journey back to the Guildhall of the Frozen North, they had only one dragonborn still with them, Wern a Ranger.

Meeting the Dragons

The next task for these fledgling adventurers was to investigate a small town that had randomly popped into existence. There they found a town of dragonborn, a race previously unknown to this world. Through diplomacy they were able to sit down with these unknown creatures and found they were very similar. The dwarves found they were similar enough that they took to calling them “dragon dwarves”.

A friendship was formed and the group went back home with warmth in their hearts instead of blood on their hands.

Going to Waterdeep

Once in possession of this odd blue gauntlet, the young adventurers from the frozen north made their way down to Waterdeep. There they met with the leaders of the Wayfarers guild in the Waterdeep and were paid nicely for them to study the gauntlet. There they found out that several other of these blue flame items have been found. They also had a chance to see the burning woman up close and personal.

There was a thief who was auctioning off another blue flame item, a coin, to the highest bidder, which the characters were hoping to get in on, but it was just to rich for their blood. After all was sorted out, they traveled back to the Guildhall of the Frozen North.

New Kids on the Ice Block

The founding members have not been heard from and to make matters worse, for the poor budding town of Westbrook, their senior adventuring party has gone missing. The town is small and composed of mostly craftsmen, guards, shopkeepers, and servants. So there was only one other group to turn to and that was the young and inexperienced adventurers who had just recently started working together.

To keep the young town alive they have two goals to accomplish. They must find the senior adventuring party and blaze a trail for the dwarven caravans from Mithril hall. With all the changes in the world, the old paths are unusable.

In their journey so far they have encountered starving wolves who tried to kill them, eviscerated wolves, a sleeping bear, tracks from one whom they presume to be a ranger, a giant ice wall, and a gauntlet that glows with an eerie blue flame. however their job is just beginning.

Death of a Goddess

After the Wayfarers had been away for about a year, building their guildhalls and getting their separate chapters started, Elminster once again met with them. He let them know the Mystra the Goddess of magic wanted to speak with them.

The were allowed entrance into her divine realm where she greeted them with open arms. She thanked them for all their hard work especially with restoring the great city of Rhymanthiin. This meeting however was cut short. As a black blade being wielded by the god Cyric pierced her chest. She was than enveloped in blue flame and consumed.

The plane exploded and different plane shards flew off into the depths of space. A chunk about 4 square miles that the Wayfarers were standing on remained intact and they are now unable to return home, because any normal plane shift type spell doesn’t work on this plane shard. (The reasoning is that planeshift and similar spells actually have a range, even when you can reach the outer planes, you’re travelling a certain amount of distance across the planes. Currently this shard is so far from any planes, that it simply cannot be reached.)

Elminster was able to flee just before the death of the Goddess. As the characters floated away into space they saw Cyric and Shar standing over the blue flamed burning corpse of Mystra.

Note: For those of you who might have read the books, yes, I’m working the timeline quite a bit differently. Although these events happen in Faerun, Mystra doesn’t normally die for several more years. However this works out best for the campaign so there.

Building the Guild

After the Wayfarers were each put in charge of their separate guildhall, they were given time and money to go build it up. Each of the four members varied on how they wanted to go about building it. Alruin wanted a flying temple as a sign of the power of his god and his devotion towards her. Meanwhile Alina had to pretty much build a city from scratch in the frozen north, so her focus was on comfort and protection of her people. Morgana built an entire section onto a town, making a larger more prosperous town. And Jack already had a town with a palace, so all he had to do was build a guildhall, set up defenses and get a flagship.

Normally the process of building a guildhall, town, large walls, etc. is a long arduous process. Luckily they had enough gold and ready access to greater teleport spells to buy many lyres of building. In addition all four founding members was either a potent spellcaster themselves or had one as a follower. Alina might be a barbarian but her brother is a powerful mage, and Jack might be a Pirate, but his follower is a shifty druid.

It still took lots of time (both in the calendar year and in personal investment from the founding members).

If you want to read more about the individual guildhalls you can read about them in the wiki under the tab – The Wayfarer’s Guild.

Building Rhymanthiin

As the old saying goes Rhymanthiin wasn’t built in a day. Instead it was built over six months using powerful high magic. There were dozens of powerful mages needed to build the city using this magic, and the results of them being interrupted would be disastrous. So a protective force was gathered to keep the forces of evil from interrupting them.

Halaster brought monsters, the Simbul brought witches and soldiers, Alustriel brought royal guardsmen and guild mages, Khelben brought harpers, Elminster brought a ragtag group as unique as the Sage himself. Including Dwarves from Mithril Hall; Lizardfolk, an Ettin, a Goblin, an orc, a half-orc, and a bugbear from Chult, High wizards from Waterdeep, and the Head of the Wayfarers guild.

While inside the ritual circle, many of the world’s most powerful mages summoned magic beyond what most people have ever dreamed of, outside a war raged between the guardians and the forces of evil. Demons, Devils, Red Wizards, Phaerim, Shades, Dragons, Undead, Orcs, and Goblins all attacked. Sometimes by themselves, sometimes as a group.

In the end the forces of good were victorious. However quite a few of their number died, some of them twice. Luckily with the proper spells and will, quite a few of them came back. Some did not return though. Either their souls were trapped and thus they were unable to, or they were unwilling to because they were happy in the afterlife.

Alustriel’s forces were hit the hardest and received the highest number of casualties, while most of the Wayfarer’s dead consisted of Crazy Eddy’s dinosaurs.

After the ritual was complete Rhymanthiin stood a monument to magic and good, with black walls and towering buildings it was truly a sight to behold.

The sharn were vital to this success. The city was built upon the ruins of their old city. In addition the ritual allowed them to revert to their old form. For a great many of them though this form was that of a dark elf. Although they were around before Corellon Larethian’s curse, when they resumed their form, they would still suffer from the curse that the dark elves bear. So they instead chose to remain in their sharn form and protect Rhymanthiin.

After battlefields were cleared Elminster met with the Wayfarers and asked that they get their guild halls for the different chapters up and running. He entrusted each one of the founding four Wayfarers with one of the chapters. Allina the Bararian was to set up the chapter house in the Frozen North, Jack the Pirate was to set up in the Pirate Isles (kinda a no brainer), Morgana the wise was to set up in the Chultan Peninsula, and Aldruin the pwoerful was to head up the chapter in Waterdeep.—


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